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    Indulgence has a name

    In 1990 food-lovers Klaus-Dieter Hünnemann and Werner Thiesbrummel started their company H&T on regional food-markets for consumers. Soon their passion for exquisite mediterranean food lead into a venture that serves as a reliable partner for wholesale and retail as well as for the international food processing industry.

    The firm’s philosophy bases upon three important ingredients: high quality, creative product management and a vast curiosity. Depending on our roots in consumer retail, it’s especially our huge appetite for genuine food that drives us.

    In the 90’s this explorative nature lead to our biggest coup so far. For the first time – and until this day exclusively – H&T imported Peppadew Piquanté Peppers from South Africa. It didn’t take long for this delicious fruit, stuffed with cream cheese, to be found on every plate of antipasti.

    Since then our company offers a unique combination of two business segments that perfectly complete one another. On the one hand we are importing and dealing with raw exotic fruits that grow on several continents under our surveillance. On the other hand we are specialized in adding value to these raw materials. So wether you need the raw product itself or you need processed genuine food, with H&T you are always in good hands.