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    raw materials antipasti, cheesy, snacks ans cheese spreads

    Discover our assortment for wholesale and the food processing industry.

    H&T Feinkost - Rohstoffe

    Raw materials

    Premium-fruits for wholesale and the food processing industry

    For more than 15 years customers all over Europe rely on our raw material’s quality. Obtained directly from our worldwide sources, the fruits are 100% free from preservatives and artificial flavour enhancers. Learn more

    H&T Feinkost - TK-Rohstoffe

    Deep-frozen raw materials

    Deep-frozen Peppadew for wholesale and the food processing industry

    H&T exclusively imports Peppadew® piquanté peppers from South Africa. Cut or blended, these sweet and spicy peppers are the perfect ingredient for any kind of creative food processing. Learn more

    H&T Feinkost - Gefüllte Früchte

    Stuffed fruits (deep-frozen)

    A smart solution for food processing companies

    Stuffing all sorts of fruits and vegetables and freezing them IQF is one of our specialties. We are able to stuff products regarding your individual needs. Or you check out our product range of several fruits that are already stuffed with delicious cheese. Learn more

    H&T Feinkost - Käserohlinge

    Cheese blanks (deep-frozen)

    Cheesy dough pieces for crumbing or stuffing

    Looking for a tasty cheesy stuffing for your fingerfood, antipasti or meat specialities? We produce cheesy dough pieces according to your individual recipe. Or you can take a look at our existing assortment. Learn more

    H&T Feinkost - Käsesnacks

    Cheesy snacks (deep-frozen)

    Cheesy snacks for buffets and refrigerated display cases

    Our colourfully coated cheese snacks are delicious and a real eye-catcher when it comes to catering, canteen kitchens and refrigerated display cases. If you wish we follow your cheese recipe and use an individual coating. Alternatively, here you can check out our own cheesy creations. Learn more

    H&T Feinkost - Frische Snacks und Cremes

    Fresh speads and snacks

    Especially for your deli section

    Spread, stuffing or snack: According to your ideas we design new fresh products based on cow, goat or ewe milk. Maybe we already have we you need? Check out our assortment! Learn more